Our Story

Welcome to Auramo.  My names Ash,  and I am the founder of this company.

What is Auramo?

Auramo offers handmade jewellery aimed to spread positive energy around the world. We offer Gold and Silver Jewellery using Healing Crystals and Natural Materials to not only make you look good but also feel good.  Since our jewellery is all about positivity and energy I decided to put AURA in the name. As human beings, we radiate a very low level of electricity that’s otherwise known as an electromagnetic field. This is called an Aura. Other living things, such as trees, flowers or animals, can also have Auras but humans are more complex as we are more evolved. As for the MO in Auramo this is the first two letters of the surname Mortimer.  

Why Crystals?

I love the energy that crystals provide.  Each Crystal is special in its own way.  After travelling Asia & Australia I grew spiritually and Crystals became something I was drawn to. They say certain crystals attract you for a reason, I guess during my travels they helped me for positivity and protection. I cannot live without crystals now, they have helped me grow spiritually and are a huge part of my life.

How it all began

Auramo began in August 2020 while I was furloughed off work due to Covid-19.  I have always used Crystals for healing and meditation and during this time I was in a very depressed mood.  It was fairly strict,  we weren't allowed to leave the house unless it was for exercise.  Our food shops had to be made online and you had to wait for your food to be delivered.  It was like having no social life,  just locked up in your home for months. I had so much spare time I wanted to keep myself busy.  I was sat downstairs and said to my family what do you think of the name Auramo. At first they weren't sure but when I explained the reason behind the name and the reasoning for crystal healing jewellery it they loved it.  Everything just fell into place after that.  

Our Mission

Since the launch of Auramo we have sold hundreds of our jewellery worldwide.  There are so many crystals out there the possibilities are endless.  Our jewellery is limited in stock, therefore, we have to keep introducing new collections to our customers.  Our goal in a few years is to keep spreading our positive energy and jewellery worldwide to you guys.  It makes me feel good knowing you are all wearing the jewellery to spread positivity throughout the world.  I believe everyone needs to know about crystals and the unique benefits each crystal provides.  The dream would be to have our own local store / shop in York which is my hometown where I was born.